Based on his vast experience and in-depth understanding of the aerospace market, Mr. Artzi  offers a wide variety of  engineering & design  consulting such as:

Aviation Products / Business and Market Survey & Analysis
·        Market Size
·        Market Growth Rate   Evaluation of the market size based on present sales and on potential sales estimation.
·        Market Trends Forecasting the market growth rate by extrapolate historical data into the future, and improving this first-order estimation by identify growth drivers such as demographic information and sales growth in complementary products.
Forecasting the Market trends to identify changes in the market which may lead to new opportunities and threats.

 Aviation Expert Witness Services
Mr. Dror Artzi offers combination of broad technical expertise based on over 35 years of experience spanning virtually all aspects of aeronautical engineering and manufacturing plus  being a Qualified Aircrafts Accidents Investigator by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, plus long experience as senior lecturer and skilled presenter at the faculty of aerospace engineering of the Technion – Haifa
Following his experience Mr. Artzi  will serve your company as expert witness/consultant in issues such as: evaluation of design, recommendations and selection of design approaches, expert support and presentation of your company engineering proposal to government agencies (MOD) and expert witness incase of intellectual property conflicts.

"RED  TEAM" Design Review Service
The "Red Team" design review is one of the important DR in the process of air-vehicle development.   this is the  review where the entire design is formally presented to a knowledgeable person or team who was not involved with the design and will ask the hard questions, "suspect" every assumption, and give the entire project in-depth "shacking."
The unique importance of this design-review combined with internal politics and customer relations aspects may lead the company to turn to an outsider experience excerpt. Mr. Dror Artzi, provides such Red Team design reviews services, offering all his vast experience of over 35 years  in virtually all aspects of aeronautical engineering and manufacturing.