Prototype support

One of the important stage of an Air vehicle development is the Prototype construction.

This is the actual stage in which all the "paper" drawings of structure elements and systems components are formalize into real hardware.

This is the stage in which all the necessary systems are built into the unfinished aircraft fuselage frame and wings: cable harnesses for the electrics and avionics, cockpit instruments, the mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the fuel system, landing flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder, landing gear and engine.

 This is the stage in which all the difficulties, miss alignment, lack of clearances for structures and systems are "floating".

 This is the stage in which all the simplified solution and "short-cut" may implement  and this is the stage in which the maximum engineering and manufacturing experience should be implement.

Mr. Artzi   as  a very experience engineer, manufacturer and pilot offer his service as an "experience eye".

By customer request,Mr. Artzi will joined the customer design team / prototype construction team and will advise and support all the process of the Prototype Construction, Systems Installation & Integration, Structural Ground Tests and Systems trials Run-Ups.