Mr. Dror Artzi has 40 years of experience spanning virtually all aspects of aeronautical engineering and manufacturing. During his 40 years of experience Mr. Artzi was involved in design, development, aircraft modifications and upgrading of civil & military vehicles . He  was involved in most of the aeronautical aspects including  structures, aerodynamics, performance, wind tunnel testing, systems integration, stability & control, weight & balance, and flight tests. 
Mr. Artzi served 21 years at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) where he served in several engineering and management positions. He was involved in design and development of civil and military aircrafts such as the "Astra"  business Jet project, and the "Kfir" fighter,( which received the Israeli Defense Award  from the Israeli MOD).

Mr. Artzi was a member of the elite small team, which established the first lines of the "
Lavi" Multi- Role Fighter aircraft.

Dror served as IAI Engineering Rep. to USA (for the
LAVI program) and to Germany, and held positions at IAI as Manager and Chief of Airframe Design.

As Director of Engineering at IAI’s "
Lahav" Division, he was responsible for all engineering aspects of all the military projects,  including  the AEWC&C  "Phalcon" and other  Special Mission Aircrafts.

Mr. Artzi served for 3 years as Managing director of  
Carcom – Carmiel Composite Industry Ltd., and V.P of Cyclone Aviation. In this position, Dror add to his engineering experience also production experience.

Mr. Artzi served 6 years with
Radom  Aviation.  During these years he was part of several programs of aircraft upgrading  and modification such as the upgrading of the PC-9M for the Slovenian Air Force, and the King Air B200 modification for photography missions.

 Mr. Artzi served 7 years with Rafael - Advanced Defense Systems LTD. Most of them he was involved in development and design of UAV. In this position he lead all the engineering aspects such as aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, structures, performance, systems integration, stability & control and flight tests.
In 2009 Dror established his own Consulting office – Aerospace Consulting (www.dror-aero.com) which involves in development of Air Vehicles and Design and Analysis Support for several industries

Mr. Artzi’s vast experience as an aircraft designer and manufacturer of air vehicles, together with being a pilot, led him 17 years ago to join the Aeronautical  and Space Faculty at the Technion in Haifa. He serves there as Senior Lecturer.     Mr Artzi's has a deep commitment to the mission of mentoring and sharing his practical experience with the next generation of engineers.

 Mr. Artzi   is an instrument rated private pilot,  He is also a Qualified Aircrafts Accidents Investigator by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation.

 Mr. Artzi  holds a BSc. in aeronautical engineering from the Technion in Haifa and a MBA from Jerusalem University & the Israeli School of  Management.







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